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Everyone has a story to tell; story about people, places, events and a place/library to document them for posterity.

From the moment we start our businesses, through its grouth process, to the little, midium and big breaks, or keeping in touch with family and friends when we relocate, …people sure have stories (graphics, pictorials, videos) which best captures their moments.

Wherever we may be, home is home. We all want to know about the happenings in the hood, about governance, politics, business opportunities, even the gossips on the streets.

We (ANIQmedia) is the partner you will need to help tell your stories.

Our Mission Statement
To accurately capture your thoughts, perspectives, moments and document them for posterity.

My Profile

As a broadcast journalist, I tell stories for a living.
Started professionally in 2005 as a reporter, and over the years, acquired training and experience in various News organisations as a producer, presenter, editor and a General Manager of a major network news outlet.
In addition to the newsroom experience, in 2015 – 2019, I was a media aide to a state governor in Nigeria.

My Story

Here are links across the different platforms where I was trained: